Editing a bunch of writer-supplied bios, and the lack of proper grammar both amazes and annoys me. And I hate that there's fifty different schemas in use for setting book titles apart. The bios are being supplied for the Web and a printed program book! WE CAN HANDLE ITALICS, GUYS. And now I have to go through and fix ALL SORTS of title schemas ranging from quotation marks used to set off all titles, not just books and magazines, so I can't tell books from short stories in the bios, to titles set in ALL CAPS as if we were posting the bios to Usenet.

Actually, I'm mostly annoyed at the people posting all the bios to the website for (a) not editing them to be consistent in the first place, and (b) copying and pasting from MICROSOFT WORD so I have to get rid of a bunch of crappy HTML it put in.

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