Japanese speakers: etymology question. This in regard to the novel(lette) I'm editing.*

At one point, one character is angry at a beautiful younger man that he's jealous of, and says, “I now understand the etymology of prostitute when I look at you. You should have been born a girl instead.”

Assuming that he's referring to a Japanese term for "prostitute," what etymology might he be referring to?

(Alas, I don't know what page it occurs on so I can't send the Japanese text to anyone because I'd have to send the entire book, as it's not even broken into chapters. We're arbitrarily assigning chapters for the ease of handling in process, but it won't be published with chapters.)

EDIT: Oh wait ... the young man in question had been giving a shoulder massage to someone else a little previously, and I've run across a text on Google Books saying that some terms derive from "masseuse." That might be it. (Which, I guess, means that I'm contacting the translator to double-check that's what's meant, and trying to work that into dialogue somehow.)

* As always, I'll ask my translator for clarification, but as it takes her at least couple of days to get back and I don't like to pepper her with email, I collect things up and send questions in small batches. If no answer comes out of this, I'll add it to the next batch. :)

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