So there's this online interior-decorating-stuff sell-by-membership thingy I subscribe to. The membership is free, but you have to log in to see the stuff, and they email you once a day with their new collections available for the next 3 days. Anyway.

They get a variety of things and lump them together into collections, and then rename the stuff in accordance with the theme of the collection, probably so you can't search for them easily online and realize how much of a discount you're not really getting--I've bought several things by seeing them here and then finding them elsewhere for a better price or for the same price but better shipping.

I usually just laugh at their names, but today they are featuring a French and Industrial collection, in which is this wall clock:

The name of this clock? Bastille. Bastille. The prison. The symbol of the French Revolution. Given to a clock whose numbers are in an Art Nouveau font, a hundred years off-period. That's like handing me a clock with numbers in the Harry Potter title font and telling me it's the Alcatraz.

I know, it's probably named by interns who've got 12 hours to get this stuff inventoried, sorted, and posted, so they're just looking for "Frenchy" names but GAH

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Tags: whinging
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