State of the telophase

I've mostly been heads-down in ConDFW stuff, since the con's next weekend, with a side order of A-Kon stuff, since we're about 3ish months out and ramping up.

And then there was Les Miserables which took up all my reading time although I will admit I read close to half of it on Sunday. Yes, there was a lot of skimming over Hugo's digressions involved. :) And then, because I'd been feeling annoyed that I hadn't had a chance to sit and read at a bunch of shorter books, since all my spare reading time had been taken up with LM, I page trhough the Kindle, realize that I'd bought the sequel to Rothfuss' The Name of the Wind and forgotten about it, and started reading it. (For those who are unaware of it, it's a treekiller. Although I suppose by that standard, Les Mis is a sequoiakiller. Or a forestkiller.)

And we both almost forgot, until yesterday, that we have tickets to Wait Wait Don't Tell Me in Dallas tonight, so we'll both be trying to wind up work a little early and head out into the tangle of rush hour traffic to get over there.

And I had a four-day migraine: one of those with very low amounts of pain, but it's NAGGING and CONSTANTLY THERE and NOT RESPONDING TO ANY MEDS. But it's gone now. Yay. I assume it was due to changing weather.

Aaaand...well, not much else.

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