I can't tell at the moment if I'm coming down with something, just run down from crappy sleep last night, both of the above, or just think I'm coming down with something and am therefore talking myself into feeling run-down. Which has happened before.

Also, the car's in the shop: the second recurrence of a problem where whatever mechanism it is that holds onto the key when it's in the ignition and turned on so that you can't pull it out is deciding that it looooves my key and won't let it go for some time after I turn the ignition off. Sporadically, which is annoying because it never does it when the mechanic is in it. Anyway, the last time it happened the dealership replaced some part and it fixed it until now.

We're going to be trading this car in come September, which makes it doubly annoying: we have to get it fixed because even though it doesn't happen on command you can be sure that it'll happen when Carmax or the dealership or whoever we sell it to is test-driving it and the resale value will drop.

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