Brits ahoy

I had a dream last night, part of which involved me filling in an application form for a British librarian society. Only it was sort of a joke society meant for non-Brits, and part of it involved filling out five reasons explaining why you are actually a British librarian, despite your nationality.

Seeing as it was a dream, the form also insisted you fill it out in pencil, and my pencil wasn't very good, plus I kept writing in unreadable handwriting, so had lots of scratch-outs and erasures where I tried to make words clearer.

The first two reasons I put down to show that I'm actually British were (1) I drank tea instead of coffee, and (2) I never washed my tea mug. In real life, I do wash out my tea mug, although I've been given to understand that not washing it is actually a Thing and the buildup on the inside lends flavor to the tea. I am willing to take this on faith, as I am not willing to not wash out my mug as I have seen the things that can grow inside my unwashed mugs.

The fifth reason I wrote down was that I ate fish and chips, that they tasted better eaten out of newspaper, and that it was a damn shame you couldn't do that any more.

I do not remember what reasons 3 and 4 were. Toby suggested that one of them was spelling with extra Us and spelling the colo(u)r as "grey."

Any suggestions?

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