Our local squirrel is getting bolder. Toby just sent me this.

I don't actually mind too much, as I have fond memories of one of the two bird feeders we had when I was growing up. The other one was squirrel-proof, and we helped it be that way by stringing wire rope between the house and a tree, with pulleys, so we could reel it in, fill it with seed, and reel it back out. The squirrels would run down the rope, get on the roof of the feeder, and then promptly slide off and fall on the ground.

The first feeder, the one I'm remembering with fondness, was a more traditional one shaped vaguely like a house with a peaked roof. It was also on a wire rope with pulleys, but as it wasn't squirrelproof, they'd get onto the roof, hang onto the peaked roofline with their hind toes, and hang upside down and stuff themselves. So I like watching squirrels eat upside down.

I am tempted by this squirrel feeder, because it's hilarious to look at.

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