Nifty shot

Took this by submerging Toby's camera in the kitchen sink.

Not to worry, it was safely encased in a plastic case made specifically for keeping point-and-shoot cameras dry underwater. :D I was testing to see if our solution for keeping the curved reflection of the edge of the case out of the picture worked--putting a bit of blue painter's tape along the edge of the case. Success!

What you're looking at here is the desk lamp I have pointing into the sink to fake sunlight coming from above, the leaves of the mini hydrangeas that Toby bought me last night because I was feeling poorly, the sink faucet and the Dawn dishwashing detergent off to the right, and the blue thing at the bottom is a small blue glass vase that I'd submerged so as to have something in the sink to take pictures of during the test.

This is what you'd see if I were attempting to drown you. You can see the curved reflection of the edge of the case here, except for the bit at the top that I've covered with tape.

This is Sora with his ear inside out.

And this is Nefer out of focus and demonstrating why we call her Miss Daintypaws.


And this is what you'd see if Toby and I were trying to drown you. This is after the case was fully taped up, and all the round stuff you're seeing is a reflection of the camera lens and body, so nothing I can do about that. Woo!


And this is my Underwater Andy Warhol tribute. (Toby was making meatloaf, and the recipe called for tomato juice. Do you know you can't buy tomato juice except in GIANT CANS or in six-packs of small cans? At least you can't at our grocery store. So now we have 5 cans of this left over because we didn't want to buy a GIANT can for 1/4 cup of juice.)

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