More roller derby!

Below the cut, a bunch more pics of the Assassination City Roller Derby bouts we attended this weekend. Two of which you've seen before, but hey. (And if you prefer Flickr, you can see them over on my Flickr account.)

Two of the skaters from Ruby's Revenge on the sidelines.

If you were unaware, the skaters take Derby names. Sometimes the names go with their numbers. This is, obviously, Salem Bitch Hunter 1692.

This skater's from the Lone Star Assassins, I believe, but I don't remember her name. Some of them have decorated their helmets, while others leave them alone.

When you see someone with the star helmet cover, that means she's the jammer for this particular round: the point-scoring team member.

The bigger skater in back of this pack is Luna Tick Tick BOOM. I point out her size because it assists her in body-checking other skaters out of the way: when Luna hits you, you're going down. The Deadly Kennedys have a skater who's about 6', but my derby fan friend Christy explained that as she's so much taller, she's keeps getting penalties for hitting with the elbow. You're not supposed to do that, you need to hit with the shoulder, but when you're that much taller, it's your elbow that's going to be touching the opponent. Luna's taller than average, but not so tall that she accidentally elbow-checks you.

The pack. Viva la Revolucion's jammer (star helmet, green on elbow pads) is making a break for it as her teammates try to block the Lone Star Assassins from coming through.

I posted this before, but I'm doing it again, because I think it's the best picture I got.

And posting this one again, too.

For a while, I was practicing panning shots, where you move the camera to try to keep the subject of the picture in focus, but the background blurry. This is my best panning shot, taken as the announcer was introducing the Deadly Kennedys:

This is a not-so-good panning, not from the technical standpoint (as the skater is sharper and the background blurrier than the previous, so it's actually better than the previous), but because it's a dull shot: you don't have her face showing. :)

Zena ZomB of the Deadly Kennedys.

Blockers from the Deadly Kennedys, trying to keep the jammer from Ruby's Revenge coming through.

And now vice versa.

Even the refs (Team Zebra) have derby names. Wesley Stripes is on the left here, and the players with visible names are Spy Hunter (007), Stone Cold Jane Austen (3:16), and Catherine the Hate (H8). I think the player behind Catherine the Hate whose face we can see is Sloane Gunman, but I'm not sure.

Another jam.

The three announcers and one of the two pro photographers there. And his lens.

I can recognize Zena ZomB due to her makeup.

More of the Deadly Kennedys.

A Deadly Kennedy amongst Ruby's Revenge.

Yes! I froze action with my camera, with no motion blur! (although it's grainy and slightly out of focus, but you can't have everything, or so I tell myself) :D Now to work on making it a more interesting frozen action! As far as play goes, you can see here how the skaters fall: they slap their arms down in front of them to break their fall and to protect their heads and faces from errant skates. The ref is pointing at the jammer--there's a ref assigned to skate around the inside of the rink for each jam and keep pointing at the jammer.

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