Jewelry question!

So. As I totally avoid malls as much as possible, and I haven't bought jewelry other than my wedding ring and a pair of earrings and necklace because we got a coupon from the place Toby got his wedding ring, I find myself in need of help for finding place I can buy jewelry online or offline.

I've got a new haircut and I don't like it that much as it's too boyish (long story, may tell it later, a bit too short to fix for a few weeks). I feel the need to femme myself up, and the best way to do that id through accessorizing. Especially dangly earrings. And I'm considering actually buying stuff that coordinates, shocck! horror! instead of buying stuff at random, like I usually do.

So! Suggestions! My tastes tend to vintage, 1930s or earlier, silver or silver-colored, with colorful accents. I have a pair of large silver hoops that are my favorite earrings now, for example. Think the 1928 brand.

I tend not to like wrapped-wire stuff or earrings that are beads on wire. Things like elisem's works leave me cold, alas, for I love the stories and names she gives them! Although one of you gave me a pair of silver-wire hoops with simple beads strung on them that I wore for years until I lost one!

I'm mostly looking for earrings and necklaces. I've got plenty of pendants on long chains, but they don't work well with the necklines I'm wearing a lot of lately, and I break bracelets almost as soon as I put them on.

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