So what was that about coincidence?

ETA: Drawing's on for tonight, as the person who inadvertently took the code was awesome enough to share theirs with me! Thank you! :D


Right. So last night I posted about offering up my one graze.com invite code to a random commenter who asked to join the drawing? Guess what. TEN MINUTES AGO I got an auto-generated email from graze.com that said the person I'd given my code to had just redeemed it. I didn't recognize the name (they only give out first name and last initial anyway.)

WTF?! I didn't give it out!

I have emailed graze.com and asked about this, and begged for another code that I can give out.

AND THE BEST PART OF IT ALL...I was in the middle of reading this AskReddit thread on "What is the most statistically improbable thing that has ever happened to you?

So! It may be a while before I can give the code out! But once I've got one, I shall do so! (I can only assume that someone typoed another code or was entering random codes.)

(Possible explanation in DW comments! One of you accidentally stole my code! :D)

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