A couple of things

1) When is a flash mob not a flash mob? When it's scheduled in advance and the rehearsals are announced publicly, of course! That occurred on the cruise--every daily newsletter told people when and where to show up for rehearsals and then for the final mob on the final day of sailing. And a year ago, the university I work at did something similar--they scheduled a "flash" mob for breast cancer awareness for halftime at one of the football games, sent out emails with the song that was going to be played* for rehearsals, and arranged for T-shirts. I don't know who was supposed to be surprised by this.

2) I had a dream last night, presumably put into my subconscious by reading about the Bitcoin crash, that I was running some sort of experiment. I gave a bunch of people some silver foil and some gold foil and told them to make small disks out of it, and that the gold disks were worth 10 silver disks. (Everyone had to make 10 silver and 2 gold.) I then sat back and waited for people to start using them like currency. So my grand experiment was: create currency, wait for an economy to happen.

3) We're on the Cook's Illustrated test cooks list, so every few weeks we get an email asking us to make a recipe then fill out a survey and tell them about it. They're working on a gluten-free cookbook now, and we just got our first recipe from it to test. (We're not gluten-free ourselves, but happy to test recipes--the sign-up survey for this cookbook's sub-list of testers asked about that, so they know we're in the "friends or family of gluten-free people" category.)

4) Feet hurt (arthritis). Plz to be telling me to remember to put on shoes before doing fitness video games. :/

* A graduate of the school ended up in the finals for one of the idol/pop star shows, and thus became our Native Son and pops up every so often. He sang the song for it (possibly wrote it), and his voice was so incredibly auto-tuned that it sounded like a robot was singing it.

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