Copper tray part 2

Almost an entire pot of copper polish, a sponge, a toothbrush, several soft cloths, two episodes of Top Gear, and probably a whole lot of dead brain cells later, the copper tray is clean! Or as clean as it's going to get for now!

You should go to my previous post and look at the tray as it was first, just to get the full impact of the change. Really. I'll wait here.

You back yet? Good. Now click here



Close-up on pattern:

Woo! That black stuff on the back almost all came off. And the rest of it might come off in the future, if I decide to attack it again. The front has a lot of tiny spots of dark that just wouldn't come off for me now, but when you stand back you don't actually notice them.

And here is the tray in its final home:

The square white thing on the table is a stack of Portal-themed coasters, and the two cardboard boxes are chess sets that used to belong to my dad that Mom handed off to me on the same visit that she handed off the tray.

I think the tray fits quite nicely. :D

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