Fullmetal Alchemist

Toby and I are watching FMA right now--I wanted to rewatch it before starting on Brotherhood, and convinced Toby he would like it.

I'd forgotten how compelling it is, where each episode ends on a cliffhanger or a question that makes you want to watch the next one to get closure, but which then asks another one to get you to watch another and then you surface at 3 AM having watched 23 straight episodes and totally strung out from the emotional ups and downs.

We've been good at only watching 1 or 2 episodes a night--once watching 3--but it means the cliffhangers are driving Toby nuts. XD He also didn't realize how emotionally wrenching it was going to be, and the other day after a particularly angsty episode, suggested that we watch a more lighthearted anime to recover, like Evangelion.

If you feel like discussing FMA, we're in the middle of the Greed mini-arc. Any spoilers beyond this, please rot13.

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Tags: anime, fullmetal alchemist
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