Well, now!

Toby and I went out to dinner, and when we got back we got to laugh hysterically, as while we were gone someone awarded us Yard of the Month!

All we do about this yard is pay someone to come by and mow it every week, and once a year or so ask them to come weed it. Everything that this yard is, is due to the previous owners, who designed and planted it.

We pretty much decided that we won it because we had fewer dandelions that most of our neighbors, and that you must not be allowed to win YOTM twice within six months or a year or something.

We even won it with dandelions! Here is one!

We took a walk around the neighborhood (gotta get yer outside exercise in before the temps hit triple digits) and discussed ways we could parlay this into Greater Things, such as mentioning it when we talk to our neighbors ("Well, back when we won Yard of the Month...") and making large badges to wear on our lapels.

I think we actually get a $25 gift certificate to the Calloway nursery, but as we weren't home when they dropped by to erect the sign in our yard, I guess we get it in the mail.

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