Scarborough Faire

Some photos of yesterday's outing to the local Renaissance festival. Being me, I don't really take photos of the various people dressed up, mostly because I dressed that way myself for years in the SCA and it's kind of old hat to me, for the most part. Instead...

Here's a butterfly that landed on our program and attempted to drink nectar from the photograph of pineapples and strawberries onna stick:

Here is my Artsy Shot [tm] of the butterfly after it realized licking the photograph wasn't going to get anywhere and went to sit in the sun for a bit before flying off:

Here is a caterpillar Toby spotted on the table in front of him. It has a head with two fuzzy-looking antennae and seemed to be following a simple algorithm as it waled: walk a few steps, stop, scan right, scan left, walk a few steps, stop, etc.

Here is an dramatic-looking photo of a juvenile female bald eagle:

Here is a kid dressed like Ezio Auditore from the Assassin's Creed II games, stalking through the benches at a theatre.

Here is a guy playing the glass harmonica. We stopped to hear what it sounded like and to watch him tune it, and ended up staying through his whole show.

And here is Toby thinking "Really? You're taking my photo? Fine."

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Tags: photography, scarborough faire
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