We went down to Round Rock weekend before last to attend the wedding reception of friends. We crashed in the spare bedroom of another friend's house, and I found his subdivision rather interesting. It's fairly new, and the houses are designed to evoke styles of the postwar housing boom in the States and Small Town AmericaTM. Here's a couple of pics so you can see what I mean.

This is our friend's house. It, like all of them, has wood (-looking) siding, a white picket fence, and a front porch that, theoretically, everyone should be sitting on in the evening to enhance neighborhood community. This being Texas, everyone stays inside where the air conditioner's on. But the fantasy is there.

Here's some of the larger houses. Their yards are larger also: I don't know if they actually own the full yards there or if those are vacant lots waiting for building. Most of the houses are placed on small lots, and fill most of the lots.

And another couple of houses.

I didn't get a good picture of one, but all the garages are detached, and located behind the house, accessed by a system of alleyways.

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