Wow, the Dracula series looks terrible. XD (Whyyy does Dracula have a flat American accent? Why?)

In other news I am almost human, except that I've had a low-grade migraine all day long and I haven't taken drugs for it because I've been taking drugs in order to BREATHE and I'm not sure what the interactions would be. Sense of taste is barely coming back--I had tacos from Fuzzy's taco shop for dinner tonight, and I could taste some of the salt and, oddly, the fresh tomatoes on it, but the rest was pretty much an interesting conglomeration of textures.

Also: re Sunday's Game of Thrones: the Jamie-Brienne Traveling Roadshow FTW!

There was a robin in the back yard this afternoon. Looking forward to see what new wildlife shows up after this!

ETA: And, fine, ABC, you've got me for at least the first couple of episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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