After a bit of discussion...

Somehow, myrialux and I got onto the subject of the pronunciation of the word "human." We both say "hyoo-man," with a voiced H at the beginning, while we've both heard podcast hosts and other speakers who say "yoo-man," with a voiced Y (or a J if you come from fjord country!) at the beginning. We're both wondering which accents/dialects use which. (There may even be "oo-man" pronunciations out there in some dialects, for all I know.)

So, please answer this question:
How do you pronounce the word "human," and from what U.S. state or other country does your dialect of spoken English originate?
myrialux and I both pronounce it "hyoo-man" and we both grew up in Texas (him north me central) and have the standard Midwest American accent that really characterizes Texas, instead of the Texan drawl that everyone thinks Texans use. (It's a country vs. city thing, really.)

Tagging this "poll" even though I'm not using a poll form. :D

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