Gah, you know, I mistype "dreamwidth" enough when coming to the site to update that I keep getting tempted to register my typos as domain names and forward them to the correct site so I don't have to re-type when I get the error message.

Anyway, I did something to my upper back on Thursday. I'm not sure if it was slumping in my chair and craning my neck up to see the monitor (I need to rearrange my office at work--my monitor is at the correct height if I am sitting upright with correct posture, but not if I slump) that caused it or if it just aggravated it, but muscles on either side of my spine are stiff and sore. I went into the doctor for an unrelated reason on Friday morning (checking my vitamin D levels) and when she asked about my migraines, brought it up--I've got muscle relaxers to help combat tension-triggered migraines, and I do't take them enough because they're too powerful and I lose the entire next day to being extremely slow mentally and physically if I take one before bed. So she gave me a new prescription for half-strength ones and said to see if they work for both the migraines and my back.

I took one Friday night, and while I could tell I was slow yesterday, it wasn't as bad. And my back got better over the course of the day, but I woke up this morning with it stiff and sore again. I laid on a heating pad for a while, then cut one of the new pills in half and took that in the hopes that I won't be put to sleep for most of the day.

I am now trying to maintain very, very correct posture to attempt to take some weight off those muscles.

edit: More typoes than usual, gah. Hopefully fixed now. Due less to the meds and more to Firefox freaking out and underlining every single word I type in red, thus forcing me to turn the spelling checker off. :/

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