Wildlife report!

For this evening's walk, [personal profile] myrialux and I crossed the boulevard that separates our subdivision from the neighboring one and took a long walk all the way around the (paved) jogging trail that winds around a park. The park has a stream meandering trhough it that is dammed to create a large duck pond up at one end and a creek at the other end. The wildlife report includes two bunnies, two robins, a whole bunch of what I assume were purple martins circling purple martin houses, a bunch of other birds I couldn't see long enugh to identify, a school of small but very fast fish, and a snapping turtle!

[personal profile] myrialux got a couple of pics of the turtle. This is the one that came out.

The turtle is right in Toby's reflection, which makes it a little hard to see. It's also hard to judge its size, since I'm not sure how far off the ground the bridge we were on is. Looking at it, I was estimating its shell at about a foot, but after reflection, I think it's probably closer to 8" or so.

It stuck its head out of the water and watched us. I assume that the locals in that neighborhood feed it.

We also saw a couple of Mysterious Humps in the water of the duck pond at the other end of the park, which I am assuming are either small lake monsters or two more snappers.

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