Random egg

We spotted an egg at the side of the house yesterday, right next to the short retaining wall that prevents our yard from falling into our neighbor's yard. No idea what it belongs to, but it's not going to hatch, either because it's been pushed out a of a nest by a cowbird or the heavy thunderstorm we had Sunday morning (which may have had hail), or because its parent is a ground-nesting bird who doesn't realize that in a few short days there will be a lot of noise right next to it as the yard people come around to mow.

I'm inclined to the cowbird or thunderstorm theories, as it's rather more exposed than a ground-nester ought to pick, plus it's brilliant white, and not mottled, as, again, I'd expect ground-nesting birds to lay.

It's small, but I can't give the exact size as it's in a space that's a bit awkward to get to without walking through the neighbor's yard if you're not wearing the proper shoes (it requires walking on the retaining wall and scooting by a bush, and [personal profile] myrialux was barefoot and I had sandals with rocker soles on, so neither of us wanted to walk on the wall).

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Tags: birds
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