I think that Zeus and Hera* have managed to successfully raise a baby this year, although I can't say for sure. There's a female cardinal hanging around the feeder today who (a) looks a wee bit scruffy, (b) did not attack the window or any other birds and (c) showed no fear of me when I peeped at her on the ground and she saw me, even though Zeus, who was nearby, flew off when he caught sight of me (I was checking to see if she was begging for food from him, which would have confirmed it. Alas, he saw me before I was able to confirm.) I hope so. They did a fine job of raising last year's cowbird; it would be a real shame if they didn't get to pass on any of their own genes. Maybe I'll see Hera and the other one together, to prove it's not Hera.

Also, I got some nifty (I hope) shots of one of the squirrels that eats from our bird feeder.

* The cardinal pair. We put off naming them for a while, and then realized that we'd already started thinking of them as Zeus and Hera, so Classical mythology it is!

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