Several pictures of one of the squirrels that eats at our bird feeder.

They all have much the same strategy: climb down the pole, grasp the pole with their hind legs and grab a mouthful of sunflower seeds, then scamper back up and sit on the pole as they eat them.

He spotted me! You can see the reflection of the house in his eye, although not me. I zoomed in to check. :) I saved a copy of the zoomed-in version to post, but Imgur thinks that the image has errors and won't upload it. :/

He went down for one more mouthful. What's funny is when they start sliding down the pole, as it's hard to grasp with their feet.

He decided I was too menacing, and got on top of the fence and glared daggers at me.

Starting to think about leaving...

And now he slipped partially off the fence top. Shortly after this, he scampered off.

BTW, if you want to know how eeevil squirrels can be, click on my "Beady Eyes of Evil" tag and read those posts. You'll probably want to scroll back to the beginning tor ead them chronologically. WARNING: squirrel gore!

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