Hey, Parallels match!

I haven't done a fandom-matching challenge in years, and [personal profile] chomiji pointed out Parallels, which allows for fanart in addition to fic and vids, so I figure I'll sign up to offer art. :)

The rest of this post is my Dear Parallels Creator letter. :)

Dear Creator:

If you're the sort who gets nervous about whether or not I'm going to like your work: I already do. I am honestly just thrilled that someone, anyone, is actually making art or writing a story specifically for me. And as such: optional details are optional!

In general, I tend to be drawn to gen more than to fanworks All About The Pairings. I'm just weird that way. :) But, as I said, optional details are optional and if that story or artwork won't come out without a pairing, well, then go for it. I also like plotty works but fully understand that there's not much plot you can get into 500 words!


Mugen no Juunin/Blade of the Immortal

This is one of the first manga I fell in love with. I also have a Thing for books/comics/media that have a big scary character paired non-romantically with a younger, smaller character and the Manji-Rin dynamic fits that to a T. I love love love their brother-sister relationship. Feel free to put other characters in and not focus on Manji and Rin if you're feeling so inclined--Anotsu and Magatsu are other favorites of mine, but I don't require either of them in it.

I am not caught up on the manga, being two volumes behind, but feel free to spoil away if your story takes you into that territory, as I plan on starting a big re-read TONIGHT, and if I don't finish it's my own damn fault. :)


I requested Tanyuu because Tanyuu is awesome, although she doesn't *have* to be the focus of the story, just in it somewhere. Possible ideas: she could be dealing with her own mushi problems, reading old scrolls that she's written, listening to a story that a mushishi is telling her, talking to Ginko, or Ginko could be thinking about her. I love the atmosphere of the manga and anime, and how Ginko considers mushi part of the natural world that sometimes cause problems when they interact with humans or other animals and not evil things, like other mushishi seem to.

Natsume Yuujinchou/Natsume's Book of Friends

Another atmospheric manga/anime. I'm a big fan of youkai, and something focusing on that aspect would be awesome. If you'd like inspiration, the Obakemono Project is a great place to find all sorts of fascinating youkai.

Otoyomegatari/The Brides' Tale

I just love it all. Slice of life, the artwork...yeah. Can't really explain much more than that. I picked "Any" characters because I don't have a specific favorite. I've got a degree in anthropology so the random anthropologist tickles me, but you don't have to include him. :) (And if you want to put him in and you're the sort to worry about getting the details correct: my degree was 15 years ago so I'm sadly out of touch, and anthropology a century ago was nothing like it is today anyway, as they were pretty much making it up as they went along at the time, so you're good.)

You could click on my "Yuletide" or "Yuletart" tags if you wanted to stalk me more and read other letters (including Blade of the Immortal and Mushishi!), but I haven't done either since 2010, and made an effort not to be prescriptivist for this letter, so don't take them as gospel. :)

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