Birds & bunnies oh my

Funny thing: we have a lot of mockingbirds (state bird of Texas!) around the area. They love, especially in the evenings when Toby and I are out walking, to perch on the highest points of the tallest houses and sing their hearts out. And the name "mockingbird" is not random: they do copy other birdsongs. Not as well as the parrot-type birds do, but well enough.

Anyway, we were walking last night and spotted a mockingbird on the roof of a house, going through a cycle of snippets of several different calls. I made a joke about it sounding like on of those car alarms that cycles through several different alarm sounds. Toby stopped for a moment, listened, and said, "No. It's doing the car alarm. I recognize the pattern."

And looking on YouTube, there's a number of videos of mockingbirds imitating car alarms that people have recorded.

Anyway! A bunny photo and finch photos! and a couple of other birds!

Here's the bunny pair that Toby and I have seen before at the top end of our street. Their instinctive reflex to freeze when danger nears doesn't work as well on manicured suburban lawns and sidewalks as it does in grasslands.

White-winged dove perched on the feeder pole, trying to wok out the best plan of attack on the bird feeder.

I was trying to freeze-frame motion. The dove was great for this purpose, as it would occasionally stalk from one side of the pole to the other and flap its wings to keep its balance.

Nice wing shot. Blurry foot.

This is the cardinal that we think is Zeus and Hera's daughter, rather than being Hera, as she doesn't attack the cardinal in the window or chirp as aggressively as Hera does. She's molting, as a lot of our birds are at the moment, and has a stray feather on her belly there.

Male finch being all dramatic. I think he was holding his wings out in order to cool off--this was a 100°+ day.

This is one of our juvenile finches!

We can always tell this one apart from the rest because of those eyebrows, which remind me of this guy from Death Trance:

Anyway, that picture above is of the finch soliciting food from its dad: it holds its wings out a wee bit and flutters them while going CHEEPCHEEPCHEEPCHEEPCHEEPCHEEPCHEEPCHEEPCHEEPCHEEPCHEEPCHEEP!!!

And a finch landing on the feeder pole. Slightly out of focus as it's harder to anticipate when they'll move and focus on the right spot. :)

Another juvenile in "FEED ME DAMMIT!" posture.

Traffic jam at the bird feeder.

And finally, a finch on the windowsill, checking out our living room.

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