Today took way longer than I expected. Had to drop by a clinic to get my wrist seen to, as last week my old nemesis of RSI flared again. Naturally, by today there's no pain left. Also, naturally, they'd managed to lose the paperwork that my job faxed to them on Wednesday afternoon, so I got to spend precious power on my rapidly-dwindling cell phone to call and get everything straightened out. Anyway, same old tenosynovitis, and I've got a prescription for physical therapy next week, so I get to go in for 3 sessions of that in the afternoon and 1 more followup with the doc.

And then after that, I stopped and got my nails done did because I am TOTALLY ADDICTED to the non-splitting power of gel polish. Expensive, but lasts 3 weeks and my nails don't end up cracking, splitting, and de-laminating, the way they usually do. That took strangely longer than usual, too.

There is also last-minute cleaning in prep for a party we're having tomorrow. Toby spent the day madly shopping, and then cleaning the kitchen thoroughly as well as doing laundry, so I get what's left. I've vacuumed the furniture that the cats like to sleep on, to remove the top layer of cat hair. Well, the cat hair that's left is the invisible stuff. It doesn't look like it's there, but if you press a piece of tape to the furniture OH YES. You cat owners understand. As none of the people coming over are our extremely allergic friends, we're fine with this level of cleanliness. And I get to clean the guest bathroom, woo.

Nefer went outside again yesterday! And didn't want to come back in. Toby had to pick her up--she yowling as if the hounds of Hell were after her--and move her to the porch to get her to go inside, because she flopped down on the stones that direct water from the gutter downspout out the fence at the back of the house and REFUSED TO MOVE. This after about half an hour of slowly sniffing everything in the back yard.

Here she is, licking her nose after lightly nibbling on the plants here--I saw no evidence that she'd actually eaten any of the leaves, but she left copious amounts of drool on them. You can just barely see Toby's Vibrams in the background.

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