Well, that came out of nowhere...

Thunderstorm blew up out of nothing just now. In the past 20 minutes it's gone from 100°F to below 80, and from a hot, hot almost cloudless summer day to storming hard enough that I couldn't see the house across the street and came in to Toby's office to see if there was a tornado.

Nope, as it turns out. Just a summer storm.

I'm kind of glad I had another appointment with the doc for my wrist today, even though he's given me another three days of tedious, tedious physical therapy, because it meant that I was safe at home and not on the road between work and home at the height of the storm.

I was actually napping, after a sudden attack of the sleepy when I'd gotten home. Wonder if the storm had a hand in that? I mean, my being awake reading until midnight was most of the problem, but I hadn't been sleepy all day until then.

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