Well now

It's been an eventful day. We set out to go test-drive cars, as we're looking at replacing my car before too long. And on the way, we got into a (minor! but scary!) car accident.

Toby was driving my car, as he's thinking of getting a smaller car when we replace his in a year or so, so I told him to drive mine and see if that,s the size he was thinking of. We were on a highway that's going through serious construction right now, so it's very winding, down to two lanes with no shoulders, and has concrete barricades lining the road.

Now, Toby's car has antilock brakes. Mine does not. So when a car merging onto the highway stomped on the gas and swerved into our lane, cutting us off, Toby responded in the proper way that you should when in a car with ABS, which was to hit the brakes hard and firm, with no pumping. Aaaaand the brakes lock up, Toby loses control, and the car goes into a swerve and the back left corner slams into the concrete median.

The car didn't stall, luckily, we hit nobody else, nobody hit us, and the only casualty was that I somehow managed to break a fingernail in the confusion. And we were both shaking from adrenalin. Toby got the car under control, exited at the next chance he got, and we pulled into a gas station parking lot to assess the damage.

Which turned out to be nothing major, it looks to our untutored eyes. The bumper performed the job it was designed to do and will have to be replaced, as it's off by a fraction of an inch and is somewhat scraped up. We reported it to the insurance company via USAA's app, after realizing we'd probably save money overall by paying just the deductible to fix it instead of paying it all ourselves or not fixing it and trying to trade it in when we get a new car. The agent will call Monday and we'll arrange for an inspection to make sure nothing structural is damaged. The car drove just like usual for the rest of the day, so I suspect there's nothing wrong.

Anyway, once the shaking wore off, we went ahead and test-drove five cars because we have plans for the next couple of weekends and wanted to get it the hell over with. I took over driving for the rest of the day as I am a terrible passenger, always stomping on invisible brakes and making snarky comments about the red light coming up ARE YOU BLIND and I knew I was so unnerved that I would be more of a distraction to Toby driving than anything else.

So we've got the cars narrowed down to, pretty much, two, and will be making a decision in the next few weeks.

Oh, and I found a weevil in the MASTER BATHROOM WHAT THE HELL YOU CAN'T GET FARTHER FROM THE KITCHEN. I guess it rode there on one of our shoes. And we've got two weevils in a plastic tub in the kitchen in what has turned into some sort of sick experiment n starving weevils to death, and they,re still not dead, so I guess they can live a loooong time on nothing. (They were in there for identification purposes, and we just haven't gotten them out and killed them yet.)

And I've got more therapy for the wrist, as the approval finally came through from the insurance and I am FREAKING TIRED OF IT.

We saw RED 2 on Thursday evening--enjoyable, although not fantastic--and we may be seeing RIPD on Sunday, as we reasoned that we liked the movie when it was about aliens, so we might like it when it was about dead people.

And that's life here at Camp Telophase.

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