Today I'm reading...

...the sample for Through the Language Glass: Why the World Looks Different in Other Languages. If it tells you anything, after I finished the sample, I immediately turned on wifi and bought the book, but didn't read more than a couple of pages further once it had downloaded because the restaurant I was sitting in at lunch was unexpectedly crowded and I felt guilty for taking up a table after I'd finished eating, even though my original plan had been to sit and read at my leisure until my lunch hour was just about over, then walk back to work.

Turns out, Free Tea Day at McAlister's Deli is a really big deal.

Anyway, the sample intrigued me. Guy Deutscher is arguing that yes, language reflects culture in important ways, but not in the stereotypical ways: the old canards such as Germans are ruthless and efficient, and their language is, too, etc. I shall probably be able to explain better after reading it.

As far as free tea day goes, while I didn't get any because I'm not that fond of iced tea, even though I keep trying to be so I don't drink as much soda, Toby likes iced tea and loves McAlister's iced tea (which I believe is plain old Lipton's, or close to). I texted him about it and we shall probably have dinner there, as there's nothing in our pantry and fridge that doesn't require more prep than we really want to put into dinner today. In conclusion, free tea.

Edit: I just came across this hilarious one-star review of the book in question, in which the reviewer takes the author to task for discussing the linguistic aspects of the Odyssey without mentioning what she believes is its central theme: the the world is incredibly sexist. Her replies to the comments on it are also gems. (She's read 96 books! OK, she probably meant "on the subject of linguistics," but still...)

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