The non-sad* parts of my f-lists today seems to consist of:

Welcome to Night Vale! SQUEEEEE!

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood</>! SQUEEEE!

Which is amusing, because it's rare that I'm actually watching/listening/participating in more than one squeefest at the same time as others.

FMA:B is back on Netflix now, and Toby and I managed to figure out how to set the Netflix app to give us the dubbed version instead of the subs** on the AppleTV, so we've seen the first two episodes now. Both of which front-load way more info about the world and the plot than the first episodes of FMA did. We kind of like the more action-based opening, as that pulled us in a bit more than the first couple of episodes of FMA did, but I am reserving judgement on whether I like the plot front-loading more or less until I've seen more of FMA:B.


* There are a lot of you on my f-lists going through hard times right now. I am thinking of you, even if I don't post or comment, enough that it seems a bit off-kilter for me to be posting happy-go-lucky or funny stuff as if y'all's pain isn't happening. And in some cases, it feels that if I mention it, it's making your pain or tragedy All About Me, which is so not my intent.

** I tend to prefer subs, but Toby has a hard time reading the subs and watching the action at the same time, so prefers dubs. Not to mention that the subtitles on the first episode--it took us a while to figure out where the settings were!--weren't outlined clearly enough against light-colored backgrounds so they were difficult to read. Toby says he might be willing to go back to the subs if they overload the show with Al calling "BROTHER! BROOOOTHER!" as much as he did in FMA. Which drove him nuts. "Ni-san!" is much easier to take. XD

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