Parallels fic/art exchange thing done. Not saying anything more, because it might make it easier to ID me. :) I will have Commentary after the reveal, but probably not about what you might think. It'll be about dealing with creative and technical issues, which I hope to resolve tonight.

Car into body shop, rental car gotten.

Tickets to David Sedaris purchased--he's coming to FW in November. We have nosebleed-section tickets which are probably obstructed-view, but it's not like we have to see him to enjoy him reading, and we didn't want to spend $70 on a ticket when we could get what were just about the last two $22 tickets available. Stomp is coming in April, and I'm taking Toby to that whether he seems reluctant or not, because he loves percussion. Lewis Black is showing up in September, which Toby wouldn't mind going to, however he's not sure he wants to go $40-70 worth, as that's the range of tickets. They don't appear to be selling out as fast as David Sedaris (which may tell you something about Bass Hall patrons), so he can think on it for a bit.

Toby loves his early-birthday Strawberry Stack Cake. I don't hate it as much as I thought I would, with that much strawberry in it. :) The cake part isn't as fluffy as your usual cake is; it's much more like a moist, chewy sugar cookie. Not saying it's a bad thing! It needs to be that texture to stand up to the jammy bits.

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