Dialect and vocabulary

I've been listening to back episodes of the radio show A Way with Words, which is all about dialect, etymology, and whatever else that has to do with linguistics that asked by the listeners.

On two of them, they've dealt with a particular recipe/food, which apparently has as many different names as there are people. And of all the names the show's hosts listed, they didn't list the name that I know it by! Which means, of course, that they got it wrong.

So...if you have a name for the dish that is made by cutting or tearing a hole in a piece of bread, then putting it into a frying pan and cracking an egg into it and frying the whole thing up, what is it? And what region are you from/where did you get it?

I've always come across it in cookbooks as "ox-eye". And that was just about the only thing they didn't say! They did say "bulls-eye," along with "one-eyed Egyptian" and (of all things!) "toad in the hole." And regarding that last one, they did confirm that it's a regional name for this particular dish in an area of the US that I've forgotten, rather than someone misremmebering the British dish known as toad-in-the-hole. Segment 1. Segment 2.

edit: Forgot to mention that while I grew up in Central Texas, I got this out of a cookbook, and I don't remember which one!

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