Eggs in some sort of container

The results of my informal poll of y'all and of my in-laws, about what you call eggs fried in the hole in a piece of bread, and where you came from:

Kentucky - eggs in a nest, toad in the hole
Maryland - toad in a hole
Michigan - egg in a frame
New Jersey - egg in the hole
New York City - Georgia Eggs
Oregon, NE - toad in the wall (the extra pieces of bread are toad's eyes)
Philadelphia/New Jersey - eggs in a basket
South Dakota - one-eyed sandwiches
Texas, central - house on a hill
Texas, south - Popeye eggs
Toronto - toad in the hole
Internet, cookbooks, and unspecified - ox-eye, egg in a basket, Gypsy Eggs, Egyptian Eggs, Toad in the Hole

The Kentucky ones are from my mother-in-law. My own mom grew up in West and North Texas and doesn't recall ever eating the dish until I found it and started cooking it.

edit: Also, my father-in-law reports that they called it French toast! We made sure to clarify with him that you didn't dip the bread in the egg, but fried an egg in the hole. I've forgotten where he grew up, though.

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