So! Vidders! And people who watch vids!

I'm one of the judges for the anime music video contest for the other local anime con, and judging is this weekend! Which means, if everything goes as it usually does, that I am going to be watching several truly terrible AMVs, a bunch of average-to-fair ones, and a few outstanding ones.

So I'd like to ask you: what do you find makes a good AMV? Especially if it's for a show you're not familiar with?

If anyone's curious, we have a number of judges--from 8-10, usually--in the room, and we discuss and allow score changes, so that someone who's familiar with an anime or who's eloquent about a video's good or bad points can influence the others. After we watch the video, we talk and go around the room and each assign it a score from 1-8. We all have our own pet peeves that affect scoring, but because of the number of people in the room, it all averages out.

It's pretty obvious what the bad and average videos are, and the real difficulty comes in ranking the better videos against each other. In the past, we've tended to rank videos that told some sort of story higher, as well as ones that were genuinely funny. We also watch every video all the way through, or at least until the point that something that disqualifies it--nudity, language--shows up. There's no way we can all be familiar with all the anime and games that are used, so those of us who don't know the source can't judge it that way.

I'll also never discuss specifics of the bad and average ones publicly, as I respect the courage it takes to make an AMV and submit it to a contest. However, in general I can say that videos that overuse effects (wipes, etc) tend to be scored lower. And there are plenty that make for perfectly nice music videos, but as there are so many others that are also perfectly nice music videos, we have to look for something else that makes it stand out, and it's usually telling a story of some sort that does so.

Oh--if the video makes us go WHAT IS THAT ANIME WE HAVE TO WATCH IT, it tends to be scored highly!

ETA: Here's a YouTube playlist that contains many of last year's winners. The Drama winner made us all go WHAT IS THAT ANIME I HAVE TO SEE IT!

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