Us: Hi, Worldcon! We want to buy an ad in the video slide show before the Hugos and the Masquerade! Can you send us technical specs for the slide?

Worldcon: Sure! Here's a PDF with tips!

Me: *makes slide to dimensions listed in PDF, sends it in* Hi! Here it is!

Worldcon: This is completely wrong! You need to do X, Y, and Z!


This is on top of sending our print ad in to the email address given in the print ad PDF and then being emailed two weeks later from a completely different address asking where the ad is. I re-sent it to that ad, CCing all the other addresses that they'd CCed in their email, and politely explained that I sent it to the address in the PDF we were given, in case they wanted to track down where the miscommunication happened. No reply.

Today, I just sent them back the PDF that we were given, with slightly less polite remarks to the effect of that I created the ad to the specs I was given, and that the correct specs would have been handy to have. And that I'll be redoing it tonight (which I am not, actually, happy to be doing as our Blu-ray of FMA:B is arriving today AND WE WERE GOING TO BE MAINLINING THAT. Can't do it Saturday, as that's totally booked. Argh.)

All I have to say to sum up is that I have WORKED for THREE different conventions and there is NO BLOODY EXCUSE for sending out the wrong damn information. Hey! You're all volunteers and fitting this in to your daily life! Well, SO AM I and I make DAMN SURE that the specs and other information I send out for the program book and everything else are ACCURATE. (And the time I screwed up? I GAVE A DISCOUNT TO THE PERSON THAT I INCONVENIENCED TO APOLOGIZE FOR IT AND ACKNOWLEDGE THAT I DID SOMETHING WRONG, WITHOUT THEM ASKING FOR IT.)


Leaving this public because if anyone finds it, GOOD. Please contact me and explain why YOU can't do it correctly when I CAN.

And to answer the inevitable question: I didn't volunteer to work for Worldcon when other Texas cons were asked because I had two conventions I was already committed to work for, a house we were buying, and a wedding to plan and a third convention would have driven me nuts. SHOULD I NOW REGRET THAT DECISION?

Edit: Just got email explaining that late in the game they got word from the video vendor that they'd be using better equipment and so the PDF that was correct at the time is now incorrect, and they didn't have a TARDIS so they couldn't send it to me, much as they would have loved to. HOW ABOUT PUTTING THAT IN THE ORIGINAL EMAIL INSTEAD OF JUST TELLING ME THAT I GOT IT TOTALLY WRONG?

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