So. This weekend, Toby picked up the ConDFW room party supply boxes from the staffer who had them and brought them home so we can take them down to Worldcon. They've been sitting in the hallway near the kitchen.

Yesterday afternoon, I started smelling something that was reminiscent of cat pee in the general area, although I couldn't pin it down to a specific location, and figured that the boxes had been stored somewhere that a cat had gotten to them and sprayed them. I don't know why I didn't put them in the garage right then and there. I woke up in the middle of the night, and got a faint whiff of it all the way in the master bedroom, in the back of the house, and spent some time worrying if Sora was freaked out because of the smell of another cat. I got up to go look, and he was happily snoozing away on the back of an armchair, not hiding. So.

When we woke up, I told Toby about the smell, and he dragged the boxes into the garage. But we still smelled it. After I finished getting ready and wandered out for breakfast, he told me that he thought it was coming from the disposal in the sink, that maybe Sora had peed there, and that he was going to grind a bunch of ice cubes in it to clean it out.

As Sora wasn't displaying any of the behaviors that we associate with his crystals-in-the-urine problem, I speculated that as Toby does the majority of the dishwashing, maybe Sora considers that Toby's territory and was staking a claim.

Aaaand then...I noticed...you see, we own a mat that we use for draining dishes. It's the previous version of this one. It sits out by the sink. And...it was damp. Suspiciously so. I took a whiff and OH MY GOD RANK.

Yeah. That's where Sora peed. (Or possibly Nefer. But Sora is the one that pees in weird places usually.) We're not sure if it's territory-establishing or if it's just Sora being weird, as he looooves nasty-smelling mildewed sponges and washcloths and has been known to pee on them. So it's possible that it got mildewed and he did his thing.

It's currently in the wash on hot (although as I discovered that the second generation version is only $8, we may just toss it and get a new one) and we have a new plan of action for use, which is to emulate Toby's mother and put the thing away after each use instead of leaving it by the sink.

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