Just got home from Worldcon--it goes for one more day, but neither of us wanted to drive all day Monday and then go to work on Tuesday. We get into the house and smell something funny. Toby pegs it as cat poo. I peg it as generic stale cat smell, as there hasn't been any real movement of air inside the house for three days. A bit later, I get a good whiff.


Upon investigation, turns out one of the knobs on the (gas) stove is turned to the LIGHT position, so it is letting gas out. Clearly one of the cats has managed to step on it at some point in the last three days and turn it, without pushing it in so it doesn't spark, so it's been streaming gas into the house for who knows how long. The cats appear to be fine. I am lightheaded, but I think it's almost 100% psychological as I felt perfectly fine up until the moment I smelled it. The air conditioner is blowing air, all the fans in that area of the house are on, and windows are open as we air the house out.

And tomorrow, bright and early, we go to the nearby Buy Buy Baby and get these knob covers.

Anyway. I shall attempt to give a report latr of what I saw and did at Worldcon--I was a bit cagey about when we were leaving and who was going with me as I didn't want to totally advertise that the house was empty for three days, so I didn't talk much about it after Toby said he'd drive down with me. :D

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