Costuming suggestions!

It's possible that for Halloween, the library may be encouraging staff to dress up as characters from books. My costuming bug has been lurking around the edges of my psyche for a while. So...suggestions? Historical/fantasy characters preferably as ZOMG HISTORICAL or FANTASY COSTUMING. I have sewn corsets before, not particularly attractive ones, but functional ones, so assume I have the ability to create reasonably complicated clothing that will pass muster for Halloween, although not for judging at a masquerade. Bonus points for something today's college kids might recognize. (Also note that the silhouettes that work on me are Tudor through Georgian, NOT Regency (at all!), then 1830s to the end of the bustle era.) Something I could repurpose for conventions would be awesome, even if it's just converting to steampunkish.

And of course why this will probably remain theoretical: my sewing machine is currently broken, and I need to take it in to get fixed, so this may not happen at all. Not to mention that I'm not in public service, so sit in my office all day, unseen by anyone. But it can't hurt to daydream of costuming!

(I have, like, two weeks of comments to reply to, thanks to Worldcon. I AM NOT IGNORING Y'ALL.)

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