Just came back from Riddick with Toby, and while it's not a great movie, it's a decent two hours out of the heat in the A/C. You should go read ursulav's nonspoilery review "Riddick 3: You Are Not Manly Enough To Read This Review Of This Very Manly Movie" and her mildly spoilery "How To Survive A Riddick Movie If You Are Not Actually Riddick".

And just to show you exactly how manly Riddick is, neither my nor Toby's iPhone browsers will allow us to search for "riddick rpg" without spontaneously crashing. We can search for ANYTHING ELSE, but "riddick rpg" causes the browser to crumple up into a little ball of code and sob. RIDDICK IS TOO MANLY FOR THE IPHONE.

And, yeah, I've got the same beef with the movie that everyone else does, and just ike the commenters on ursulav's post, my headcanon is (rot13) gung Qnuy nfxf, ng gur raq, nyy fjrrg-yvxr, "Fubj zr ubj lbh xvyyrq gung thl jvgu uvf xavsr."

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