Obssessed much?

I may have been playing Kingdom Hearts a little too much: on the way to work I spotted a blue mark spray-painted in the road (put there for the purposes of construction, I believe) and my first thought was "Trinity mark!"

Also, as Toby was out of town for his Star Wars game* I took the opportunity to see The World's End for the THIRD time and I STILL REALLY LIKE IT.

It's the Arthurian Grail Quest. Gary is King of the Humans, as the Network calls him, the Once and Future King, as he calls himself, dwelling in the Avalon of a psychiatric hospital, until he is released to save the world again...although he's trying to find the Grail at the end of a pint of beer. You can also draw parallels between the Network occupying Earth and the Romans occupying Britain (as far as anyone can tell, the king that the mythical Arthur is based on was a warlord around that time. I think. Certainly it's one of the interpretations out there), and how, when the Romans withdrew, British infrastructure collapsed for generations. There's also a bunch of little clever inferences and elements sprinkled throughout the film as foreshadowing or just funny stuff, but which reflects the film's theme or that scene's theme. Such as the beer Doombar being on tap at The World's End. An antique store in the background named "Past Times." A sign located only in the pub where the twins attacked that says "Two for One".

The Blu-Ray is on my Christmas list. Assuming it's out by then. (The one from the UK, thankyouverymuch, as it contains way more extras than the US one, going by the Amazon listings.)

Also, I watched all the episodes of River Monsters that had stacked up on the DVR as I played Bejeweled on the iPad. I find the faux drama hilarious.

* At one point I got an excited email explaining the party's plan to get a tank onto a space station and then mow down ALL THE ENEMIES with Jedi in the lead, using lightsabers to enlarge the doors.

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