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Toby and I spent the weekend ORGANIZING. Two guys from an appliance repair place came out and stacked our washer and dryer for us, so now we can use the door to the garage! That would be the second door to the garage, which goes through the laundry room, and it had been blocked by the litterboxes, which are now in the spot formerly occupied by the washing machine. No, we don't technically need that door, but it's nice to have it available.

(There was also a few hours Saturday night at FenCon for the ConDFW party, which we ended up attending for less time than we expected because Toby's allergies were giving him fits and he felt terrible, so we took off early. A good night's sleep proved that it was indeed most likely allergies and not a cold or other illness, which is good. There's a cold running around the library right now, and we know someone who just got over pneumonia, so we didn't want to take chances.)

We ended up with an emergency run to IKEA, as we took a good look at the silly little niche in the laundry room that was presumably meant for storing brooms and mops. Except that there used to be a shelf at just the wrong place to put them in there. In the linked photo, note the wood behind the heads of the broom and mop there--it used to support a shelf. There was another shelf just above the level of the photo, until Toby took a mallet to it. There were only those shelves. If I were making that niche, I'd put shelves all up and down it.

And now we have. But instead of building shelves in there, which would take a while because we'd want somebody else to do it, I found this cabinet on IKEA's website. The useful space of the niche is 12" wide (the walls are technically wider, but those wood shelf supports aren't coming out without a fight, and even if they did, there's baseboards that have 12" of space between them), and that cabinet is...11 3/4" wide. The niche is also 16" deep and the cabinet is 15". Like it was made for the space.

And we realized that we were going to Dallas for the room party, so we left a little early and stopped by IKEA to get it. Toby put it together yesterday, we put it in, it fit perfectly with a little shoving, and we now have USEFUL STORAGE SPACE in there.

We also went to the Container Store TWICE to get over-door storage stuff (they're having a sale right now) and put it on the door to the garage in the laundry room. We can't open the door 100% now, but it still opens, like, 90%, which is fine for us. We also put some of that on another closet door to make, basically, this. I am now wandering around muttering "I have a wrapping paper station, I am now one of those people," but, honestly, we didn't have a good place for it and the paper was getting crumpled and torn because it was sitting on the floor of the closet and we couldn't find various components when we needed to wrap a gift, and that particular closet had plenty of space on the interior side of the door that was being wasted.

We also got a thingy that we hung on the laundry room wall next to the niche that holds brooms and mops. We have to store brooms upside down, with the bristles out of Nefer's reach, because she eats them, and it was a hassle to balance the broom when it was leaning against the wall upside down. I don't know why we didn't get this thingy earlier.

We will probably be going back AGAIN to get another one of those systems for the master bathroom linen closet, as we don't have a good place to put all the little bottles of medicine, lotion, etc. that bathrooms generate and realized last night that one of the narrower versions of those things, like we have on the pantry doors, would fit just fine on the bathroom closet door.


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