What is the official name of those little binders your check/bill arrives in at a restaurant? The ones with little pockets for your credit card to stick out of?

Context: after my desire to make a fancy elaborate Halloween costume was quashed by cold, hard reality, I found an idea on Metafilter that I could make in about an hour, and it requires, not necessarily one of the things above, but something that FAKES one of the things above, and we figured we could find something that mimicked it for cheap-ish in an office supply store. I'm just trying to poke the search engine on Office Depot to see if I can find anything in stock that might work, and I figured knowng the actual name might be a start.

The costume? A server's apron with spiderwebs drawn on it in fabric paint. What am I?

A WEB SERVER! Ahahahahahahahhaha *inhale* hahahahahahaha

Anyway, I've got a fake credit card to tape to the inside of a small plastic binder-type thing, but I need to get th e binder-thing before I make the apron so I can make the pocket the right size for the binder-thing to stick out of it a little and be recognizable.

Anyway, I need to make the thing tonight and tomorrow morning, as we're going to a Halloween party tomorrow night.

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