Flight Rising and Japan

If you're on Flight Rising and into pink and purple dragons, I've got four hatchlings up for grabs. They're the four unnamed ones first in my lair, Guardian, Tundra, and Mirror. I shall happily give them away to good homes! (well, or trade them for one treasure, as FR seems to not allow for straight gifting.)

I'm PecanOwl over there.

As for the Japan trip, I forgot to mention that one of our primary reasons for going is to EAT ALL THE THINGS. We've been watching the Mind of a Chef series on Netflix, and David Chang keeps circling back to Japan, most especially Japan's regional specialty ramen shops, and Toby realized that he wanted to try all of it. So one of our goals is to make a list of foods to eat in Japan and try to get as much as possible. :D

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