My first hank!

The results of my first attempt at spinning! This was with a drop spindle. I sat at a spinning wheel and treadled it for a good long while to get the feel, but we went to the spindle to get started on actual spinning. The two women at the weaver's guild shop--there was an open class time but I was the only student who showed up--gave me a good lecture on their wheels and their techniques as well.

They were very complimentary towards my efforts and praised my joins, and when Mom wandered back in from the clothing shop in the same strip center that she'd gone to browse in, they chorused "She's a spinner!"

It'll still be a while before I produce anything nice, but I've learned the basics, and have been assured that I will now understand what people on YouTube spinning videos are talking about. I can spend a while spinning on the drop spindle and see if I want to save up for an actual wheel and learn that.

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