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I went upstairs to check out a book, and gathered three compliments on my outfit on the way up there, so I guess it's a hit?

What I'm wearing today:

The actual pieces:

This velvet skirt. It has POCKETS. Not huge, and the elastic waistband means I can't stick my heavy keys in them, but enough to put my phone or a five dollar bill in for a quick run down the hall or to the cafe.

These boots, which I bought last night. Not the best-feeling when walking, thanks to my arthritis, but as long as it's a day that doesn't require me to stand and walk all teh time, I can deal with it. What I'm amazed at is that they're not wide, and yet I don't have problems with it squeezing my foot, the way I get with so many others. I think the lacing on top helps that a lot--despite not being necessary to unlace it to get into the boot(it's got two zippers to do that), the lacing is functional and you can ease up or tighten it at will. I've just bought expensive bootlaces from Amazon, as the lace is a wee bit short for my tastes.

A shirt roughly similar in shape to this, only slightly shorter, with shorter sleeves, and white polka dots on black. Both from the same company; they just don't sell the one I'm wearing any more.

And underneath that one, since it's COLD here and since the neckline gives me dramatic superheroine cleavage if I don't pin it shut, this Halftee, from a company I recently discovered. Yay, I no longer need to struggle to pin my necklines shut enough so I don't look unprofessional! And the shirts don't bunch up at my waist.

I eschewed tights today, opting for spandex-y shorts to keep my legs from rubbing together, paired with these over-the-knee socks. They do actually go over my knee, which as I've got big calves is often hard for many OTK socks to do (if they have to stretch horizontally, they don't stretch vertically), but since thigh-highs don't stay up on my thighs as I'm walking, I've got them folded down right under my knees and held in place by these sock garters. (The garters won't fit my thighs, as I've got very, very squishy thighs and the elastic cuts deeply, painfully into them, but they fit fine just under my knee. I don't wear knee-length skirts with the socks unless I've also got tights on--hey, I like the socks-and-tights layered look--so it all works out in the end.

Let me say I TOTALLY recommend Sock Dreams for the hard-to-fit among us (and for the easy-to-fit). They test-drive almost everything, and note helpful details about fit and stretch. They've also started putting user reviews on the site.

As far as outside wear, I've just got this cloche in black, and a fitted coat from eShakti, but it's no longer on their website so I can't link to it.

I am now also turning into my mother's daughter and am starting to want actual expensive bags. I'm not turning into the bag-to-go-with-outfit type of person, but something that looks

Alas, the bag that has caught my eye--I saw it here, on a Helsinki street style blog--is in the neighborhood of TWO THOUSAND PLUS FRICKIN' DOLLARS so, barring winning the lottery, I shall be looking for knockoffs and similar designs by other designers. Apparently that particular bag made quite a splash (so I gather from a purse blog I found when searching for that bag online; I don't follow these things closely), so I expect that someone out there has made an affordable version.

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