Catproofing double doors?

Sora has learned to open the bathroom doors from both the inside AND the outside!

Alas, the time when he prefers to do this is when you're IN the bathroom, in a position that is not particularly amenable to shutting the door quickly. And especially now, in the winter, it means that even if you're just in the shower, he's letting all the warm air out.

The master bath doors are double doors, with handles that don't move--they latch by some sort of doohickey at the top and bottom. We could just use the same method we do for the under-sink cabinets in the spare bathroom,* which is to wrap a Velcro tie around the two handles, but this solution is less than optimal because you then can't open the doors from the outside. And we'd each rather the other person be able to quickly get into the bathroom in an emergency.

I've found this thing, which might work (I have to go measure and see if there's 1/4" distance between the two doors when shut). Anybody else have recommendations for child/pet-proofing devices?

* Toby's office is nearby, and the cats like to try to get into those cabinets with lots of noise right when he's working and trying to concentrate.

ETA: I've just ordered this thing: Mommy's Helper Slide-Lok Bi-Fold Door Lock, 2-Pack. The handle that you slide is only on one side of the doohickey and thus on one side of the door, but (a) there's two of them so one might fit on either door and you use the handle that's on the side of the doors you're on and (b), we could just reach up and move the thing with our fingers if we needed to get in from the wrong side. It's for a folding closet door, but it might work to hold double doors together. Worth a try, as it involves not drilling holes in our doors.

ETA2: Well, might not work: it might be too long and cover the doohickeys that latch the door on the top. So please make suggestions, if you have them.

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