Edit: FOUND IT. A rogue plugin. BAH.

If anyone here has Wordpress experience and wants to help me troubleshoot a problem,* PLEASE VOLUNTEER.

At the moment, for some reason the menu system on the ConDFW site is b0rked and I cannot add new pages to the menu. Which means that the Costume Contest page is not linked anywhere on the site as of yet. I can do a temporary fix and put an update about the contest on the home page, but that's not going to help anyone once the update ages off the home page. I am afraid that it might be the new Wordpress update that I just did, and I really do not have time to try to fix this: I've got the short story contest and program book to worry about at the moment. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH

I can give you admin access to the site. THANK YOU to anyone who volunteers to help (I can give you free admission to the con if you're thinking of coming, or something off your Amazon wishlist or the like in recompense!)

* i.e., fix it for me.

EDIT: Oh, great, it's not just the menus. An internal search, when I'm linking something internally, hangs in precisely the same manner. ARGH. Possibly interaction between the theme and the new update. ARGH ARGH ARGH

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Tags: akicilj, condfw
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