The plumber showed up on Wednesday to look at our plumbing to see if anything was wrong after the freeze. Turns out, when I said in a comment that we had no pipes in the attic, it mean that we did have pipes in the attic, and Toby hadn't mentioned them to me. :) However, the plumber said they're made of PEX, which is a flexible material and almost never breaks when it freezes, and the insulation around them and the heat coming up from the house should serve to keep them unfrozen, for the most part. The one tap freezing was almost definitely due to a lack of insulation in that outer wall where its pipes run, and the thing to do is what we did after it froze, which is to keep it dripping.

He also looked at our outside faucets and said they were fine, that we'd done the right thing by removing the hoses and putting insulating caps over them--the usual problem with outside lines is when the hose is left on and ice forms and backs up in there.

And then he looked at our kitchen sink, which has had a problem since shortly after we moved in, where the faucet won't swivel left or right like it's supposed to. Toby had thought it was that the hole in the counter wasn't cut quite wide enough, but apparently not. The plumber said that it needed to be replaced, and we could just buy one and call him back and he'd install it.

The grand total of cost for this visit? $0. Woo! I suppose he was quite happy that he didn't have to grub through freezing muck or pull any walls apart to get to broken pipes.

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