2 things make a post? You have to use your imagination for these.

1) Toby picked me up for lunch today, and we went to the Swiss Pastry Shop. Which serves breakfast and lunch in addition to pastry. The cuisine is sort of generic mid-century lunchy stuff although in recent years they've been modernizing it a bit (although you can still get a knackwurst salad if you like). It's been a while since we ate there, so I'm not sure when they instituted their gourmet Wagyu burger menu (PDF). Check the final paragraph there for a laugh.

Anyway, despite the temptation of the burgers I had the chef salad, which...well, imagine a plate. Not the huge plates that people serve food on in the U.S. nowadays, but the size a dinner plate used to be, a bit bigger than a salad plate. Then pile a heap of chopped romaine lettuce on that, so that it reaches the edges of the plate all around and is a good1.5-2" tall. Then drape several large slices of turkey and ham, with cuts across them to get them mostly into long pieces, but still pretty solidly whole, over that. Slice several pieces of cheddar cheese and drape those over the top of the meat so that they also still look whole whole. Pop three slices of tomato on top of that. Boil an egg, slice it in two, and shove the two halves under the meat at the side. Then serve that to your hapless diner, who is challenged to eat ti without getting any on teh table. (I had a spare napkin, and used that for the bits that fell off). Tasted good, but rather hard to eat.


That is not the part that I really wanted to tell you about. The bit you ought to know is that they have, in their large, crowded pastry case, something called Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. It is exactly that. It is a small scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough, enough to make a thick cookie, that is encased in a chocolate shell, and it is exactly as good as that sounds. I can't imagine eating more than one. Well, no, I really can imagine eating more than one, and I rather want to, but that would be such a bad idea.

2) I keep forgetting to post about this sighting: We were shopping in Target on Monday night when I spotted a boy and his dad. See if you can guess where I'm going before I get there. The boy was probably about 10, built sort of stocky, taking after his dad who was built like a fireplug. He was also in a sports uniform that included shorts, so his lower legs were bare. His hair was dark brown and a total mop of shaggy curls. As it was a bit chilly that day, his dad had slung his jacket over the kid's shoulders. It was dark brown and a sort of suede-y fabric. It had a hood, which hung down the kid's back. It was way too big, reaching a hair below the kid's knees, and as he didn't have his arms in the sleeves, they hung down, obscured in the folds of the jacket, so it looked like a cloak.

If you've been building the correct picture up in your mind as I related that, you've got it by now: when viewed from the back, the kid was a dead ringer for a hobbit in a brown traveling cloak. If his shoes had been a brown-ier tone, instead of blue, the picture would have been complete.

I don't have a photo because taking pictures of other people's kids in public without alerting them to the fact that you're taking a picture is kind of creepy. But you can probably imagine the temptation!

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